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A Fantasy-Map i recently created - the world of Haduria. It's mostly self explanatory. 

The name derived from itself, the first man and the first empire in it. Which was destroyed in an magical kataklysm.
From which the other man and "races" (typical fantasy ones) spawned. In the coming history the this was twisted
and some of the other races got accused to be the reason behind the destruction of the first ones.

The coat-of-arms symbolise the most powerful realms and city-states, placed directly near the labels.
Mesopotamia - 1750 (Mesopotamia)
Next project, second map:

Mesopotamia in the midst of the 18th century before Christ.
The Map shows the Empire of Hammurabi of Babylon who first allied with Rim-Sin of Larsa and the city-state of Mari against Assyria under Shamshi-Adad,
Eshnunna, Elam and mountain-folk of the Kassites. He founded First Dynasty of Babylon who ruled Mesopotamia until 1531, when the Hethites attacked and sacked Babylon.
He was an Amorite Ruler. The Amorites had occupied and settled in Middle and South Mesopotamia from the 24th to 17th century BC.
Mesopotamia - 2310 (Mesopotamia)
Next project, first map:

Mesopotamia at the end of the 24th century before Christ. Sargon of Akkad has conquered most of Sumeria and Mesopotamia and Syria.
Assyria, Elam and the Gutians (Gutäer) have become vassals - but the Gutians never became a real part of the empire.
There were military expeditions toall four directions. Subartu (Hurrians [Hurriter]) to the North, Elam to the East, Sumer, Dilmun and Magan (Oman)
 to the South and Amurru (Amorites [Amurriter) to the West. Sargon (Sarru-ukin) the Great founded the Akkadian Empire and
dynasty who ruled Mesopotamia and the neighbouring countries for about 180 years.

The Akkadians were Semitic-speaking people whereas the Sumerians spoke a different language. Sumerian became
an language of scholars and priests for the next 2000 years. Akkadian became the lingua franca of the whole near east
for than a millenium until it was eventually replaced by Aramaic under the Neo-Assyrian Empire in the 10th and 9th century BC.

Eventually it collapsed under an Invasion of the Gutians and inner conflict.
Balkan - 1950
The Balkan-Peninsula and the Balkan-States 1950.

Final Version of the Commission - it gets printed and then framed.

Some adjusments since the WIP-Post:

- Labeling of some mountain-ranges, islands and landscapes
- Depiction of borders, especially along rivers
- added the latitude and longitude grid
I will continue were i ended the last time.

So these twelve nations struggled to survive in this unpopulated, but not empty world. They build their first cities (which later became their capitals) and expanded
their influence over the nearby lands. Eventually they applied more settlements surrounding their first cities. And from now on they expanded with every passing year.
But it was a harsh struggle, and the later century could bring someone to belief life was easy these early days. It was not. Many didn't survive. Food was a constant problem and so were the enormous animals whome wander the lands. Accidents were common, and some of the animals were real monsters, dangerous and aggressive.
With each passing year the early nations evolve their civilization. And with every year their population was rising.
After four hundred years nearly all of the western lands were under the influence of one nation. Cities and Settlements stretched upon the plains and hills, and some on in the heights of the mountains.
Soon their were new problems for these young folks. As they reached the domains of each other they were confronted with the first conflicts with another nation. Early days were constant struggle, an eternal war with nature to survive. And then they were facing real war amongst each other.
So the First Princes decided that play another role, a wiser one. Each time they encountered another folk they tried to reach a diplomatic agreement. Not everyone in their own nation tried to comply, thus they searched for ways to keep their people under control.

There were constant problems and a constant struggle. The people tried to survive and cultivate their land; to build their houses, settlements and cities.
The princes themselves tried to rule their nations with all their wisdom and abilities. Those two intentions rarely collide, but sometimes the struggle of the people damaged the political relations, so the princes often had no other possibilty as to cut down the rights of their people. Eventually each of the princes created an administration, a police, and also services to gather information.

But don't get the wrong idea. Those princes weren't absolut rulers. In each nation there were a bunch of families (so called "houses") and groups of people which at every possible time tried to dispute the powerof the prince. And as time goes by and the civilizations that formed become more and more complex, even guilds formed in the greater cities.

One thing those nations and people created really early. Their organzied religion. For each of the gods there exist one church, here called temple. And there were a hierarchy and people who dedicated their life to these gods and temples. If you will you can compare them with the early religions in the history of mankind, such as the old polytheistic ones of the romans, greeks and the near east in early roman or hellenstiic times.
But there is one great difference. Most of the believes and the people are the same as in our world. But some of the princes and the nobility know that these gods really exist.
Something quite different to our world. Its not just a strong believe. Nothing to compare with all of our religions. They know. I, personaly, think that does influence the societies of my fantasy world the most. Something you know for sure is quite a difference to something you just strongly believe.

At the end of the 9th century in this world, one thing happened for the first time. After all those centuries of nearly peace and a constant and growing bloom of civilization,
war broke out. One of the princes was quite power-hungry, but he wasn't insane or some dictator who believed that a persons life was nothing worth it.
The wisest of all the twelve rulers, Vás Nóm of the Principality of Cuiracan created one of the strongest armies those early centuries had seen. At some later point i will give more detailed information about the military and of the population of the early First Age and its nations, so you can see this with your own eyes. And at some point i'm very interested in a discussion about how realistic/unrealistic you think my thoughts are.

So he then conquered the nation directly to its north, the Principality of Thezir. One nations of really special people. They were quite unique amongst all the Vodir.

That's all for now, hope you enjoy!


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